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What are your hours?

Monday – Friday excluding holidays. We’re typically busy meeting with fabulous customers and actively listening to their needs so we promise to get back to you within 48 hours of your request.  We can then schedule some time to chat about what you need help with.

Can you meet in person?

Sure! If you’re in the St Johns, St Augustine or Jacksonville area, we’d be happy to meet up. Otherwise let’s Skype!

Can you combine two existing sites into one WordPress site?

Yes. There are two methods we can use to move the existing content from your current site(s). First, we can download the content of your website and upload it into your new WordPress website. Second, if there’s not much content we can do the very un-technical copy/paste method.

Can you create a membership site for me?

Yes. You’ll need to determine your non-negotiables and then together we’ll choose the theme and plugin that will work best for you.

Can you help me code a website from scratch?

Nope. The reason we use WordPress.org is to empower you to run your own website and never have to pay a developer or wait for updates.

What if I have questions after the website is up and you’ve trained me?

Continuing consultations are always available or even contracted weekly time until you feel comfortable.

How much will it be if I’ve already got a website and I need the content moved over?

That depends on how much content you’ve got, how many pages you’ll need and what the non-negotiables are to run your business. Contact us at info@healthy-sites.com to chat.

Can I use another host?

As of now, we’re only building sites using iPage because of their excellent customer service and affordable prices.

What’s your cancellation and refund policy?

Click here for all the info! 

What do you need from me in order to get a new website started?

We’ll have lots of questions for you, but here’s a great start:

What do you do? What do you need help with? How long have you been in business? What are some must-haves for a website? What challenges have you had getting your business started? Do you have your photos together? What is a list of sites you admire now? What brands do you admire? What’s your budget?

Send this information to info@healthy-sites.com and we’ll set up some time to chat!

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