Buyer Persona / Customer Avatar Visual

Did you know that one of the most important steps to creating a successful business is to create a buyer persona, or customer avatar, of your ideal client?

This allows you to create a greater connection with your target market, to solve her problems, to draw customers you want to work with and sell more.

Healthy Sites wants to help you through this process and create a visual for your avatar.  When you’re writing blog posts, creating products and connecting on social media, you’ll know exactly who you’re creating for and it makes your life so much easier.

You want to have a customer avatar for the exact same reason you’d create a vision board. When you have picture representation of your goals and dreams, they’re realized so much faster.

Buy just imagine having a beautifully created, magazine style visual to look at each day, and share with your team as your business grows.

Here’s an example of a customer avatar we created for a health & wellness company. We created a story around her, down to the quotes she loves and what she dreams about doing, so the company can help her reach her dreams so much faster.

 Customer Avatar

Let’s face it, we know you could throw something together on a Word doc, but we also know you love beautiful things and don’t have a lot of time. We here at Healthy Sites LOVE creative design and helping you work through the creation of your customer avatar and the visual realization of that work.

Want to learn more about why a customer avatar is so important?  Amy Porterfield has an awesome podcast all about this topic! Click here to listen then come on back, we’ll wait.

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