Why You Should Have a Blog On Your Website

Why You Should Have a Blog On Your Website

Blogs serve many purposes. Most of us have seen how blogs can be used to update readers on someone’s personal life, express personal beliefs, help others, and teach others. However, blogs can also be used as a marketing skill. Businesses’ create blogs just like ordinary people, and we call them websites. Adding a blog to your website will generate more traffic, and draw potential customers in.


Increasing Traffic

What better way to do so than to create a blog post about something useful to the reader? A “how to” blog post about choosing the correct lightbulb will come in handy to someone who needs a lightbulb. While they’re reading your blog posts, they may check out the rest of your website too. Leads from blog posts are an easy, free, way to entice new customers. Each new blog posts is another chance at someone finding your website through a search engine.


Why You Should Have a Blog On Your Website


Most businesses have a website or a Facebook page to connect with their audience. The personal connection a business creates with their customers or potential customers is crucial. Blog posts can connect with readers on a personal level. When writing blog posts, your business can also intensify the buyer persona and cater to your desired specific audience. Online marketing is crucial in today’s society, and your blog has the potential to bring you a whole new following.


Personal Benefits

Blogging about topics related to your business will keep you updated on the latest trends, what the audience wants, and other similar products or markets. Including a blog on your business’s website will help you stay knowledgeable, and be able to provide the best service to your customers. Staying relevant and having good customer interaction makes a big difference. Blogging can bring you the extra mile with your customer satisfaction. Having a blog on your website is like permanent real estate. It is a tool forever online, and will link new customers to your website.


Why You Should Have a Blog On Your Website


Here’s a resource from one of our favorite Inbound Marketing sites, Hubspot, on how to write your first post.


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