How to Declutter Your Business

How To Declutter Your Business


If you want to start the New Year with a fresh start, it’s important to have a decluttered and clean space. This includes your physical desk pace, computer, and your business



Decluttering Your Workspace

To declutter your desk, begin with throwing away any old sticky notes, scrap pieces of paper, and things you no longer need. If you have a filing cabinet, make sure your files are in order so the cabinet is functioning properly. If you have a pen holder, throw away the pens that are out of ink or that you don’t like writing with. This is also a good time to clean out that junk drawer. Use small containers in your drawers so keep it organized and prevent a future junk drawer.



Decluttering Your Computer

Decluttering your actual computer will help speed it up, free up storage, and make room for all of your 2017 plans. Start by clearing up your desktop. I suggest creating folders for everything, and even putting folders inside a folder. Next, check out your downloads folder. This folder accumulates email attachments, photos, and downloaded PDFs.



Decluttering your Business

The final step to decluttering your business is to, well, actually work on your business. You have a clean work-space and computer, and it is time to do the same with your business. Start strategizing on how you can streamline your business. That is, think of a more efficient way to work. Find a way to make your sales page more effective by changing your working method. This could be changing some of the fonts and sizes, the graphics, and ow to draw attention to the call to action.



Having a clean workspace and digital area will help you stay more focused and motivated. A decluttered business can increase your sales and bring new customers in. New year’s resolutions can be work related too.


For the near year, I challenge you to throw something away that you don’t need, check your computer’s downloads folder, and create a clean, organized working environment to kick off 2017. You can do it!

Written by Olivia Genito

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