How To Stay Focused On Business Building Over The Holidays



Thanksgiving may be over, but the holiday season has just begun. December is thought of as a stressful, crazy month. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. If you plan your blog posts, Facebook posts, and schedule your social media accounts accordingly, you can stay focused on business over the holidays.


The week after Christmas is when people tend to get behind. Whether you’re with family, trying to straighten out your house, or are preparing for the New Year, we can easily lose track of time.  Next thing you know, January second (the dreaded Monday) rolls around. That panic can be avoided if you stay focused on your work and plan ahead


Have a printed out calendar for December and January

If you don’t already have a calendar on your wall, print yourself out one with the template Microsoft word. This can help you visually see what day it is, and the countdown to the big day. A pocket agenda is really nice for on the go, but a large colander in your work space will always keep you on track.


Try to be two weeks ahead of the game

It’s always good to be a week ahead, but for December try to be 2 weeks ahead. This way, if you do get distracted with family or shopping, you have a safe fall back. This means that in the third week of December, all your posts and social media updates will be planned for the week after Christmas. A majority of your difficult work can be done before the craziness of the holidays begins and you can stay focused more easily.


Take some days off for yourself

Set aside some alone time for you to shop, relax, and basically just not do work or clean. This is a day or two you can look forward to, and motivate you. Knowing you have a day to take care of yourself, will hopefully help you stay focused on work and not let yourself think about when you’re going do the holiday shopping.


Make a List

Creating checklists for what presents you need to buy, food to prepare, groceries, and when you are out of town or have family/friends visiting can help you stay organized. Shopping will be more direct, and maybe you can order a few gifts online to save time!



The key to staying focused is planning ahead, staying organized, allowing some “you-time”. The holidays are a stressful time, but hopefully these tips can bring your stress level down a notch!

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