Why Color and HTML Color Codes Are Important For Your Business

Why Color and HTML Color Codes Are Important For Your Business

Colors and Emotions

The colors of brands may seem really simple. However, like everything else, they are strategically selected. Our brains naturally associate colors with emotions and feelings because of the society we live in. For example, most fast food chains use red or yellow. That’s because those colors are associated with hunger. This is partially due to the fact that we live in a culture where McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King are everywhere and using red and yellow in their branding. But there is no denying that red is a color that stands out to us, and that yellow is a color that is associated with happiness and warmth.

If you haven’t noticed, many social network sites use blue. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Linkedin. Blue is a calming color, but according to Bluleadz, it prevents distractions and has a sense of welcoming. The color brand you pick will create a first impression for customers.

Color and Association

So if you’re picking out colors for your new startup, making the graphic for a Facebook post, or simply painting your kitchen, here’s what you need to know about what society has us associate certain colors with:

Red/orange – excitement
Yellow – happiness
Green – peace and health
Blue – calmness
Purple – imagination
Black – bold
White – purity

Of course this is dependent on personal experiences. We all may not associate these colors with the emotions listed above.

You may wonder, what’s the top business success color? Orange / gold is the color associated with enthusiasm, success and creativity.


Picking out the colors for your brand is just the first step. The HTML, or hex, color code is a 6 number code beginning with the pound symbol. For example, #123456. Each color has an individual number, making up the colors you can see on your computer screen. This is how you will identify the colors you choose. Using the same color code for the shade of red you choose instead of just saying “red” will keep the shades or tints of your color consistent. Here are examples of the HTML color codes.

Why Color and HTML Color Codes Are Important For Your Business

Many people decide how they feel about a company just by its colors. It’s important to know what emotions people associate with your brand, and how you can change the perception of your brand with color. The HTML color code you choose will identify each color so it can remain consistent with branding and be used on the web.

Written by Olivia Genito

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