Decorating for Fall Organically

Decorating for the festive fall season doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

With one trip to the craft store and your backyard, you can make the coolest fall décor to wow your family, friends, and neighbors. Incorporating elements from your backyard in your house will give it that warm and cozy feeling, and give it the ultimate fall touch.


Real Pumpkins

Pumpkins of various sizes and textures makes a great entry way greeter. A few ideas are to paint glue on the stems or tops to decorate them with glitter, or to use hay barrels to stack the pumpkins. The best part is, you can carve or paint them Halloween weekend!



Branches in a tall vase can look really elegant and add a rustic touch to your home. If you only have shorter branches, add them to a bowl. Try painting them gold or painting half of the branch so they have an ombré effect. To sterilize pieces from the outdoors, follow this tutorial.


Pine cones

Like branches, pine cones can be sterilized and used as décor. Pine cones can be spray painted and placed in baskets, hung from chandeliers, used as centerpieces, or used as name place markers during Thanksgiving dinner.


DIY Cinnamon Everything!

For that authentic fall feel, you can make anything smell like cinnamon. Add cinnamon essential oil to your object, preferably something that can soak up the oil. This would work really well with branches or pine cones. Place your object in a plastic bag or airtight container for 24-48 hours to help retain the scent. This can be done multiple times, and is a great way to add natural scents to your home.


Faux leaves to make a wreath

While faux leaves are not like the real thing, this will stay looking like new forever, and you can reuse it next year. Use a styrofoam ring from the craft store, and hot glut faux leaves around it until you can’t see the styrofoam. This will take 3-4 rounds. To add variety, use different size leaves and layer them to resemble the outdoors



Make a Pumpkin Candle

Did you know you can actually make a candle out of a real pumpkin? The process is virtually the same for making any soy candle, but you use a small, carved out half pumpkin as the base. Here is an in depth tutorial.

-Written by Olivia Genito

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