Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification Review

Hubspot Academy offers a digital way to learn about Inbound Marketing, and to also become certified in Inbound Marketing.

Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification Review

Not only is this a good skill to learn, but the online free certification makes it easily accessible. So who would Inbound Marketing benefit?

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, as opposed to traditional marketing techniques that push content on people. This works well for online businesses, and brings customers delight. Hubspot offers video lessons to teach the ins and outs of inbound marketing so you are fully prepared to take the inbound certification.


Video Lessons

Hubspot offers free video lessons to prepare you for the certification exam. These videos are broken up into 12 classes. Each class covers a specific topic, and the videos break down the topic in depth. Topics range from email marketing to landing pages, and use 2-5 videos to fully explain the topic. In total, it takes 5 hours to learn everything. If you don’t understand a topic, you can rewind, restart, and slow down (or speed up) the video. Instructors speak clearly, and explain the topics well. There is also a typed transcript for each video too.


Certification Exam

To review for the exam, there is a study guide. This goes over the concepts and definitions. On the exam, you will need to apply these concepts to scenarios. Personally, I thought the exam was a bit tough. However, I did pass the first time. I made a study guide as a reference, and it was very helpful. The exam is 60 questions, and to pass you must get 45 correct. You can take it again after 45 hours if you don’t pass the first time.


Certification Benefits

You will receive a certification badge, which is an image you can upload to your website and resume. The actual certification is a document you can print out. You can also add your inbound certification to Linkedin, which can increase your profile views by 6 times. The knowledge you gain about inbound marketing is priceless. The skills you learn will help you expand as a company, and better your marketing skills.


This certification can be completed in less than a week, and is good for a year. There is no cost to take it, and in my opinion you have nothing to lose. I think there are more educational benefits to this certification than being able to say “I am inbound certified.” The videos are easy to understand, and provide a lot of information to improve your website and business.


Written by Olivia Genito

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