5 Tips for Career Transitions

We’ve written about this important topic in the past and now offer a fresh perspective on 5 Tips for Career Transitions to follow your dreams.


5 Tips For Your Career Transition


1. Know your facts.

Do as much research as you can on the field you are moving into so that nothing important comes as a shock. Look up things like average income, tax laws concerning your industry, who your target market is, how to best reach that market, average prices for your service, and common mistakes made in the industry. Your transition may be stressful, but knowing these things will ease your mind and let you focus on creating your new success!


Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

  2. Find your passion.

There is obviously something driving you to flee your old career, so eliminate the chance of more unhappiness by finding a career that you are truly interested in. This may mean exploring fields that have been unfamiliar, attending industry showcases or conferences, learning about the personal experiences of individuals already living it, or taking some classes on the subject. Getting your feet wet is extremely beneficial, especially if you’re on the fence about a career move. You can discover if your new path is truly the one for you, or dodge a mistake by discovering it’s not as glamorous as it sounds.




3. Work out the details.

Make some sort of plan for your transition, even if it seems months away. If you’re trying to finish certifications or a degree related to your new field, this will also help keep you organized while encouraging you to complete your task. If you need to have a new company up and running before you can quit your old job, this will help you manage the tasks on the way.


4. Make yourself competitive.

Spice up your resume or portfolio so that you can start out with some oomph! Make sure to check out the competition and build your strengths off of their weaknesses. Anything that makes you stand out in the market will help your success. Looking into how other businesses have succeeded and failed in your new industry will help you create a Do’s and Don’t’s list for your business model. If you find a niche that the market has missed, take it on!




5. Remind yourself why.

Think of all the reasons you wanted to change careers in the first place, and write them down. You might find yourself asking why you would do something so crazy as to give up your comfort zone, and having the answers handy will help with uneasiness until you are on steady ground. We all feel a little powerless at times, and the business world is no exception. This list can include things you despised about your old job or industry, values you identify with such as independence or sustainability, goals you have for yourself like starting a franchise or getting to spend more time with your children, and things you are excited about in your transition like being your own boss! You can hand write this and keep it within arms reach of your work space, or perhaps keep it on an open note on your desktop. This will give you peace of mind and make you much more confident about your transition in tough times!


-Written by Sarah Vaccaro

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